We want to reassure all our clients that it continues to be business as usual at Avenir Registrars.
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Hardeep Tamana

Hardeep Tamana has over twenty five years of financial markets experience, working with a number of the largest banking and stockbroking firms. Holding a PhD in geochemistry from Manchester University, Hardeep has also developed a number of next-generation tools for financial services, including proprietary share screening software. Hardeep speaks four languages, served for eight years as CEO of a UK stockbroking firm and brings a wide range of leadership, technical and markets expertise to Avenir Registrars

“I co-founded Avenir Registrars, having learnt through my experience as a stockbroker that innovation in the securities registry business was sorely lacking. We’ve been able to start with a blank canvas and build a system that puts the issuer’s interests first. We deliver automation and self-service functionality that’s simply never been seen in this industry and five years in, we’re noticing that some of our competitors are starting to evolve their offerings, too. I look forward to continuing this theme of doing whatever we can to make the function of a securities registrar relevant to today’s business needs.”

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