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AIM Journal October 2021

The role of the receiving agent

Samiul Siddique, Head of Capital Markets at Avenir Registrars, looks the role played by a Receiving Agent both during the IPO process and beyond.
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CSDR in Ireland reaches the final stretch – will the UK follow the roadmap?

Policymakers in the UK will be watching these developments closely but pushing back the automation aspects would come at a real economic cost
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Public companies are a public good

The Chairman's thoughts on why we need to ensure that public companies continue to be perceived as a public good
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Why it’s never too soon to start thinking about an IPO

Failing to be prepared for an IPO can create unnecessary headaches when a listing process is officially underway
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AIM Journal June 2021

The Hill Review – a step in the right direction, but the infrastructure must be there

The Hill review has potential to make London a more attractive proposition as an IPO venue and turbo-charge prospects for retail investors
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AIM Journal May 2021

Cross border securities issuance under renewed focus

As a consequence of Brexit, we have seen growing interest in the ability for issuers to work cross-border
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AIM Journal April 2021

Why a broking background gives Avenir Registrars an edge

Samiul Siddique, head of Capital Markets at Avenir Registrars on setting up an ISIN, CREST enablement, issuances, coupon and dividend payments
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Why quick access to shareholder records matters

The second half of 2020 was acknowledged as having seen an uptick in merger and acquisition activity; a trend forecast to continue
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AIM Journal Feb 2021

How Avenir holds down costs and boosts service

Keeping costs in check is always important. We maximise efficiency and value to customers by reducing CREST fees, using an Investor Portal and QR Codes
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AIM Journal January 2021

AIM 2020 IPO Review – Avenir’s perspective

Introduction What a year that was - and for all the wrong reasons. Starting with…

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AIM Journal December

How Avenir takes a different approach to pricing

Back in October, we wrote about our support for those Irish companies who have found…

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AGMs & EGMs in a post-COVID world

The COVID pandemic has wrecked lives and livelihoods across the globe, but businesses have been…

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Big Changes For Irish Issued And Settled Securities

Why big changes for Irish issued and settled securities lie ahead

For almost 30 years, shares and many other securities which are traded on the Euronext…

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Will listing costs still dominate in a post-COVID world?

As financial markets and the wider economy emerge from the COVID-19 lock-down, will issuers be…

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Lighting The Economic Touchpaper For A Brighter Tomorrow

Lighting the economic touchpaper for a brighter tomorrow

Many hope that a new entrepreneurial dynamism can be the saviour of the UK economy,…

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Why Technology Is At The Heart Of Everything We Do

Why technology is at the heart of everything we do

In 2014, we established Avenir Registrars with the intention of bringing something new to the…

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Shareholder Rights Directive II Looming

Shareholder Rights Directive II is looming – what you need to know

The first Shareholder Rights Directive (SRD) was implemented in 2007 with the aim of encouraging…

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Shareholder Pre-emption Rights

The debate over shareholder pre-emption rights masks a bigger issue

The current economic climate has resulted in a growing number of companies seeking fresh capital,…

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Avenir Registrars Completes 250th Issuance

Avenir Registrars completes 250th issuance

Versatile corporate registrar sees sustained growth London, April 8th 2020 - Avenir Registrars Ltd, a…

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Remote working really is Business As Usual at Avenir Registrars

Remote working really is Business As Usual at Avenir Registrars A lot has changed over…

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Challenges of mini-bond issuance

Recent developments in the mini-bond issuance arena have caused significant concerns which many consider will…

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Dematerialisation set to challenge issuers and investors alike

Dematerialisation, it’s not the method by which crew members transport to planets in Star Trek…

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Avenir Registrars – an introduction

At Avenir, we see ourselves as a next generation registrar for issuers of debt and…

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Is now the time for the UK to rebuild a domestic corporate bond market?

As far back as the 1960’s, the attractive tax status of Eurobonds saw the UK’s…

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Avenir Adds QR Codes To Share Certificates In First For Industry

Avenir adds QR codes to share certificates in first for industry

London, October 9th 2018 - Avenir Registrars Ltd, a provider of CREST registrar services, has…

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White Label Registry Service To UK’s Leading Positive Investment Platform, Ethex

Avenir delivers first white label registry service to UK’s leading positive investment platform, Ethex

London, July 26th 2018 - Avenir Registrars Ltd, a provider of registrar services, has today…

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Avenir Registrars Signs 100th Client

Avenir Registrars signs 100th client

New corporate registrar sees growth accelerating London, January 16th 2018 - Avenir Registrars Ltd, a…

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