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Equity listings – Primary London, Ireland and Channel Islands markets

Avenir currently maintains electronically administered registers of holders and securities settling in the CREST system in the UK and the Channel Islands, along with Euroclear as the issuer CSD of Ireland.

Avenir can also provide certificated holdings (physical share certificates).

Our depth of experience means that we can work with Companies and Investment Trusts to quickly take them through the process of CREST enablement. This can be conducted in tandem with advisers working on an intended stock exchange listing where necessary.

We work with companies regardless of where they are in their lifecycle, from IPOs to mature businesses and also offer an ISIN and LEI application service. The list of tasks that need to be undertaken here can look daunting to the uninitiated, but the wealth of experience held by Avenir staff means that we can help navigate these requirements far faster than can be achieved by other registrar services.

Avenir’s electronic-based due diligence processes mean that high resolution scanned documents can be accepted rather than waiting on physical copies. This streamlines the entire process, can prove critically important when working with directors who are spread over a wide geography and in turn saves clients significant amounts of time and money.

Avenir has previously facilitated a primary London listing in just 5 days

Historically this has been a lengthy process, but Avenir has facilitated a primary London listing in just 5 days. We work with all exchanges that require or accept settlement in the CREST system.

Throughout the process we collaborate closely with corporate advisers, lawyers and others who are advising the issuer.

Once live on our register, directors can grant access to shareholders, advisers and company directors to view their shareholdings. Directors can download reports in real time directly from the system. Our corporate actions service facilitates dividend distributions should your securities offer dividends. 

Avenir represent issuers who are or are seeking listings on the following exchanges
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