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The Avenir Way – A new philosophy and approach to being a registrar

When businesses turn to Avenir for their registry services, they do so confident in the knowledge that they will be working with the best regarded and most business-friendly solutions provider operating in this space today.

Each member of our team comes with extensive front-line market experience and invaluable hands-on knowledge of the practical issues that will face our clients as they go through this process – we’re certainly not just a team of administrators.

The Avenir Way is all about helping clients understand what they need to do. Avenir’s consultants comprehend the situation, reduce the burden, and in turn accelerate the entire delivery of achieving the CREST registration. Working as a facilitator to help corporate advisers, lawyers, accountants and company secretaries play their own vital roles in the registry process, this project management approach not only delivers quicker results, but can also help significantly reduce the fees charged by third party professional services providers.

Avenir delivers a registry solution without parallel.

The registry management solution that we deliver to clients is also without parallel in today’s market. Avenir has built brand new software from the ground up, which is responsive, adaptable and leverages the very latest in real time technology.

We understand that many of today’s businesses operate across multiple time zones and see key stakeholders located in different continents, but we cater for this by holding it at the very heart of our ethos. The Avenir Way has taken what at times looks like an antiquated discipline, and dragged firmly it into the 21st century.

Make no mistake – the process of achieving CREST registration is far from being a simple one, but Avenir helps navigate what is typically a rather complex path, reliant on time-critical inputs from multiple parties.

Having a knowledgeable and highly experienced team in the middle pulling everything together provides the least-hassle solution.

What’s more, Avenir complements this with a transparent charging structure ensuring no nasty surprises in the invoices and clients can be confident that we have added real value at every step of the journey.

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