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Founded in 2014, Avenir Registrars benefits from having the most innovative and modern registry software available in the UK

Built using the latest development tools, it is the most user friendly system on the market.

Avenir Registrars - Technology

It provides issuers and their holders with all the information they need at the time they need it, delivered via an attractive and intuitive interface.

Access to the system is via a web-browser and the responsive nature of the interface means that this can be via a PC, a tablet or a phone, wherever you are.

Easy access to data is not, however, provided at the cost of data security. System is built to meet the highest industry standards of data security, including requiring two-factor authentication to access the system.

Issuers can obtain a real-time view of the register of members for all their issued securities, showing all statutory information and holding percentages, with the ability to sort using a variety of criteria, or by searching for specific holders and information.

Shareholder registry services have been long overdue a comprehensive rethink – Avenir is driving this change.

Shareholder registry services have been long overdue a comprehensive rethink.

The transaction history of the register and of each holding can also be viewed from the same interface. Information can be downloaded in a printable form or exported to Excel for further off-line processing.

Investors can access their holdings of shares held on the register and, where the memorandum and articles of the issuer so permits, also download and print out copies of their share certificates.

Avenir Registrars is proud of its state-of-art software and is happy to demonstrate its features to interested parties at anytime.

Two-factor authentication means that besides the traditional username/password pair, the user is also sent an authentication code when attempting to login by SMS. This code must also be entered to access the system.

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