We want to reassure all our clients that it continues to be business as usual at Avenir Registrars.
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When do you need a registrar?

Once ownership of shares issued becomes more widespread, the need for an established registry system grows.

It is also a requirement for all those who offer settlement of their securities in the CREST system.

Ensuring early engagement with Avenir will make sure that companies are ready for CREST enablement and stock exchange listing as their business grows.

The advent of crowd funding has by all accounts further increased the number of entities that need to maintain accurate and potentially extensive records. The same money that may have been sourced from a small number of friends or family is now being raised across hundreds or even thousands of investors who are unknown to the company’s owners.

New, ‘disruptive’ methods of financing leave the industry poised for rapid growth.

Any traditional stock exchange listed company will already engage the services of a registrar. However, proposed changes to legislation and the advent of new, ‘disruptive’ methods of financing leave the industry poised for rapid growth.

Avenir’s innovative service is perfectly placed to work with those companies who have used registrar services in the past as well as those needing this facility for the first time.

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