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Laura Dos Anjos joined Avenir having previously worked for five years with the Central Securities Depository, Euroclear UK & Ireland. With expertise in functions including relationship management and corporate actions, Laura is well placed to deal both with day-to-day operations at Avenir, as well as leading a series of innovative new projects. To date, these have included the addition of QR codes on share certificates, the deployment of the new shareholder portal and a number of other new utilities which will soon be launched.

“Avenir inspired me as a business. My work at a leading CSD made it clear that this space was evolving quickly so the fact there was a new registrar in the market – and one who had innovation at the heart of its mission – was noticeable. I was delighted to be given the opportunity to work with the team and I’m sure we’ll be able to keep bringing fresh new ideas to the industry.”

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