Register keeping

Private company register keeping (CREST and non-CREST enabled securities)

Sometimes a company wants to move from an existing registrar. Avenir has a proven process for guiding companies and advisors through this move.

Avenir's real time reporting and intuitive user interface means we're often approached by existing companies with listed securities who want to migrate to an all-round better register provider.

What's more, our pricing model is simple, transparent and provides excellent value for money. The functionality we provide includes features such as offering directors direct and real time access on a 24/7 basis to the share register.

We offer direct and real time access 24/7 to the share register

Access is made through a suite of secure, easy to use web-based tools and the focus on an intuitive interface means that little training is required.

We also offer the ability for underlying shareholders to be able to log in securely and access details of their registered holdings. Reports and Cap tables are downloadable to excel at the press of a button.

We have a proven track record of migrating clients onto the Avenir system both seamlessly and swiftly, whilst client feedback typically serves to highlight the fact this solution typically sees ongoing CREST maintenance charges fall by as much as 50%.