Our services overview

Our registry services are available regardless of whether the security is to be quoted on a stock exchange or remain unlisted. Our services include acting as a receiving agent to enable dividend and coupon distributions.

Appointing the right registrar is increasingly important as regulatory changes increase the obligations of the issuers.

Becoming CREST enabled and maintaining proper owner register records can be a challenging process, but Avenir's proven, business-focused approach will be a safe pair of hands to help guide you through key steps on the way.

Avenir also provides comprehensive share registrar and administrative solutions to support private non-CREST and private companies. We offer our services for a range of securities including shares, bonds, warrants and options. Avenir ensures that your company is set up with an accurate and auditable share register, which prepares you to grow the business and prepare for a potential future exit.

Our Investor Relationships administrative support includes large & complex shareholder mailings, General Meeting management, voting services, shareholder query management, managing transfers & transmissions and other support requirements that companies may face.

All our team members have at least 20 years experience from a wide range of Financial Services areas, giving clients the confidence that they are working with an experienced, well-connected team. We differentiate ourselves through our knowledge, experience and friendly approach.

We are known for working closely with clients throughout their business life cycle and guide them through the complex but important area of getting their registry maintenance and settlement processes right. Our team would be delighted to hear from you whatever your query so contact us today to discuss your needs.

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